Hey there! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to be part of Jennifer’s review team and as a member I was one of the very few that knew this was happening and was able to read it before it came out! So here’s my review!

92555767_2982008278531396_6081037061018615808_n copie

From Blood and Ash is the first book of a new series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It came out on Tuesday, March 31st without any warning of any kind. JLA has written over fifty books (I would know, I’ve read them all!)  but this is her first High Fantasy.

4 Stars

It tells the story of Penelaphe, “Poppy” aka “The Maiden.” (Yup, that’s a lot of names.) So, Poppy is The Maiden, a girl chosen by the gods at birth who has to remain pure until her Ascension. But Poppy is bored and sick of doing nothing. She has to live under so many rules, like never showing her face or never talking to anyone except a handful of people and she has to endure her “lessons” with the Duke who is not a nice person. (euphemism)

Enters Hawke, a brand new guard that came from the capital. Poppy is very much not supposed to feel that way about anyone but he really is so irresistible…

I honestly don’t know what else to say without saying too much. But expect a baddass main character, politics, romance, sexy times, murders, species fighting each other, lies, danger and so much more…


This book is a thick baby, over 600 pages, so let me tell you that A LOT happens. 

I’m not going to lie, it took me a minute to fully get into it but once I did, I raced through the pages. The plot was full of twists I never saw coming and that left me with my mouth wide open from shock but others that I did see coming from a mile away, loooooong before our main character. I even had my suspicions on the main twist right at the beginning of the book. I think it might be because I read a lot of fantasy so I’m used to certain things.

The characters were layered and very complex, in a flawed way. I especially loved Poppy’s friend, Tawny and her guard, Vikter.

The world was intricate and very interesting, it was unlike any I’d read before.

I don’t think I was in the right mood for a romantic read because the sexy scenes made me uncomfortable at times, that must just be a me thing though. The tension between Poppy and Hawke was sizzling from beginning to end and it was fun to see it grow from a sort of crush to something real.

All in all, this was such a rollercoaster. I felt everything; from surprise to anger, to sadness, to excitement, and even hate…

This is a definite must read for anyone who loves a good romantic High Fantasy filled with twists and turns!


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The Burning Shadow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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I haven’t posted anything in a while and I’m sorry about that, life has gotten in the way. But here I am, back with a nice little review! Without further ado, here it is.


4.75 Stars

The Origin series, spin-off to the Lux series, continues with this book, The Burning Shadow. The sequel picks up right where we left off in The Darkest Star.

I’m not gonna try to summarize the book since it’s a sequel and anything I could say would spoil the first book for anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

I will say however that JLA hit a homerun again.
I’ve seen that some people thought it was a bit long but I was sucked in from the very first page and to me, it could have been even longer. I was captivated. I barely ever saw any twists and turns coming and I felt everything from beginning to end. It really was incredibly paced to me, every high, every low, a perfect rollercoaster.
I just love these characters so much. JLA’s characters are always so layered and relatable in different ways, you can’t help but connect with them and that really drove me throughout this book. I especially fell for some of the secondary characters who just touched me.
The relationships between the characters were also very complex and made me feel a lot, and when I say relationships, I mean the friendships as well the romantic relationships.

This series is turning out great, I cannot wait to read the next installment.

That’s it for today but I’ll post another review tomorrow…

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ARC Review: The King by Jennifer L. Armentrout


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Just popping by to publish this review before going back to my YALC preparations!

I seriously loved this book, I hope you do to! I actually reviewed book 1 last year…

4.5 Stars

The King is the second book of this spin-off series. It follows Brighton a thirty something woman who’s living in New Orleans and works in the Order, a super secret organisation meant to deal with Faeries.
I can’t actually say much more about this book without completely spoiling either the first book of this series or the Wicked Trilogy.

They say the second book in a trilogy is usually the worst one. I don’t see how that can be true here. This was really great. I actually reread book 1 right before reading this one and managed to read both in a day. I simply could not put this one down. I didn’t see most of the twists coming and the ones I did see coming, I just felt smart as hell to have figured it out.
I love the set-up in the series. The world is incredible, as are the characters. They are so layered and filled with flaws but in the best way. The romance was pretty damn good too, almost as amazing as the side characters are! The banter was on point, as usual with JLA’s books, and it made me grin a lot. But I also cried a lot and even sobbed, it was all so perfectly paced and it made me feel so much. I swooned, raged, cried, laughed…
I also love how short these books are. I mean, they’re novellas but it feels like just the right length and that’s a nice change of pace for my very full tbr.

So, yeah, I can’t wait for book 3 and if you haven’t read this series yet, do it.


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ARC Review: Making Up by Helena Hunting

New Project

Today, I’m just going to post a quick review I wrote for this ARC I got. I was very happy to have received it considering I’ve read almost all the books by this author and loved them all.

Here goes nothing.

4 Stars

Making Up is Cosy and Griffin’s story. Cosy Felton is a 22 year old student who’s been travelling around in between semester of college. She now lives in Vegas and works part time in an adult toy store.
Griffin Mills is 33 and an heir for his dad’s hotel company which he works at. He’s on a business trip to Vegas when he gets into a sex shop to buy an extensive lists of items for a bachelor party. He instantly crushes on the saleswoman and can’t get her out of his mind. So what if they both don’t want serious or that they don’t plan to stick around? They still have to get to know each other, they can keep it casual, right?

This was a really fun read. The characters were interesting, layered and I liked them, the main ones as well as the side ones. I laughed quite a lot. The plot was very well paced but not in a predictable way, I was caught off guard by most of the twists. I still don’t know how I feel about the age difference though. Like I get it, at the end of the day, they’re just people but I’m 25 and I just wouldn’t date a 36 years old. Especially since we’re not at the same point in our lives… But I guess it depends not of your age but of your situation. I’m not reviewing anymore, but thinking while writing. Anyway, this was a perfectly good story which I would warmly recommend to anyone who likes romance novels. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I really love those characters. Also, I need Nevah to get a book at some point soon.


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Handle With Care Chapter Reveal!

Hey there! Today, I’m doing a Chapter Reveal for Handle With Care by Helena Hunting. I actually did a Cover Reveal for that same book back in January!

As a reminder, Handle With Care is set in the Shacking Up world, is the fifth book of this series and it is set to come out on August 27th. Without further ado, the chapter.

handle with care_mm




I slip onto the empty bar stool beside the lumberjack mountain man who looks like he tried to squeeze himself into a suit two sizes too small. He’s intimidatingly broad and thick, with long dark hair that’s been pulled up into a haphazard man bun thing. His beard is a hipster’s wet dream. His scowl, however, makes him about as approachable as a rabid porcupine. And yet, here I am, sidling up next to him. 

He glances at me, eyes bleary and not really tracking. He quickly focuses on his half-empty glass again. Based on the slump of his shoulders and the uncoordinated way he picks up his glass and tips it toward his mouth, I’m guessing he’s pretty hammered. I order a sparkling water with a dash of cranberry juice and a lime. 

What I could really use is a cup of lavender-mint tea and my bed, but instead, I’m sitting next to a drunk man in his thirties. My life is extra glamorous, obviously. And no, I’m not an escort, but at the moment I feel like my morals are on the same kind of slippery slope. 

“Rough day?” I ask, nodding to the bottle that’s missing more than half its contents. It was full when he sat down at the bar an hour ago. Yes, I’ve been watching him the entire time, waiting for an opportunity to make my move. While he’s been sitting here, he’s turned down two women, one in a dress that could’ve doubled as a disco ball and the other in a top so low-cut, I could almost see her navel. 

“You could say that,” he slurs. He props his cheek on his fist, eyes almost slits. I can still make out the vibrant blue hue despite them almost being closed. They move over me, assessing. I’m wearing a conservative black dress with a high neckline and a hem that falls below my knees. Definitely not nearly as provocative as Disco Ball or Navel Lady. 

“That solving your problems?” I give him a wry grin and tip my chin in the direction of his bottle of Johnnie. 

His gaze swings slowly to the bottle. It gives me a chance to really look at him. Or what I can see of his face under his beard, anyway.

“Nah, but it helps quiet down all the noise up here.” He taps his temple and blurts, “My dad died.”

I put a hand on his forearm. It feels awkward, and creepy on my part since its half-genuine, half-contrived comfort. “I’m so sorry.”

He glances at my hand, which I quickly remove, and refocuses on his drink. “I should be sorry too, but I think he was mostly an asshole, so the world might be better off without him.” He attempts to fill his glass again, but his aim is off, and he pours it on the bar instead. I rush to lift my purse and grab a handful of napkins to mop up the mess. 

“I’m drunk,” he mumbles.

“Well, I’m thinking that might’ve been the plan, considering the way you’re sucking that bottle back. I’m actually surprised you didn’t ask for a straw in the first place. Might be a good idea to throw a spacer in there if you want tomorrow morning to suck less.” I push my drink toward him, hoping he doesn’t send me packing like he did the other women who approached him earlier. 

He narrows his eyes at my glass, suspicious, maybe. “What is that?” 

“Cranberry and soda.” 

“No booze?”

“No booze. Go ahead. You’ll thank me in the morning.”

He picks up the glass and pauses when it’s an inch from his mouth. His eyes crinkle, telling me he’s smiling under that beard. “Does that mean Imma wake up with you beside me?” 

I cock a brow. “Are you propositioning me?” 

“Shit, sorry.” He chugs the contents of my glass. “I was joking. Besides, I’m so wasted, I can barely remember my name. Pretty sure I’d be useless in bed tonight. I should stop talkin’.” He scrubs a hand over his face and then motions to me. “I wouldn’t proposition you.” 

I’m not sure how to respond. I go with semi-affronted, since it seems like somewhat of an insult. “Good to know.” 

“Dammit. I mean, I think you might be hot. You look hot. I mean attractive. I think you’re pretty.” He tips his head to the side and blinks a few times. “You have nice eyes, all four of them are lovely.” 

This time I laugh—for real—and point to the bottle. “I think you might want to tell your date you’re done for the night.” 

He blows out a breath and nods. “You might be right.” 

He makes an attempt to stand, but as soon as his feet hit the floor, he stumbles into me and grabs my shoulders to steady himself. “Whoa. Sorry. Yup, I’m definitely drunk.” His face is inches from mine, breath smelling strongly of alcohol. Beyond that, I get a whiff of fresh soap and a hint of aftershave. He lets go of my shoulders and takes an unsteady step back. “I don’t usually do this.” He motions sloppily to the bottle. “Mostly I’m a three drink max guy.” 

“I think losing your father makes this condonable.” I slide off my stool. Despite being tall for a woman, and wearing heels, he still manages to be close to a head taller than me. 

“Yeah, maybe, but I still think I might regret it tomorrow.” He’s incredibly unsteady, swaying while standing in place. I take the opportunity for what it is and thread my arm through his, leading him away from the bar. “Come on, let’s get you to the elevator before you pass out right here.” 

He nods, then wobbles a bit, like moving his head has set him off balance. “That’s probably a good idea.” 

He leans into me as we weave through the bar and stumbles on the two stairs leading to the foyer. There’s no way I’ll be able to stop him if he goes down, but I drape one of his huge arms over my shoulder anyway, and slip my own around his waist, guiding him in a mostly straight line to the elevators. 

“Which floor are you on?” I ask. 

“Penthouse.” He drops his arm from my shoulder and flings it out, pointing to the black doors at the end of the hall. “Jesus, I feel like I’m on a boat.”

“It’s probably all the alcohol sloshing around in your brain.” I take his elbow again, helping him stagger the last twenty feet to the dedicated penthouse elevator. 

He stares at the keypad for a few seconds, brow pulling into a furrow. “I can’t remember the code. It’s thumbprint activated though too.” He stumbles forward and presses his forehead against the wall, then tries to line up his thumb with the sensor, but his aim is horrendous and he keeps missing. 

I settle a hand on his very firm forearm. This man is built like a tank. Or a superhero. For a moment, I reconsider what I’m about to do, but he seems pretty harmless and ridiculously hammered, so he shouldn’t pose a threat. I’m also trained in self-defense, which would fall under the by any means necessary umbrella. “Can I help?” 

He rolls his head, eyes slits as they bounce around my face. “Please.” 

I take his hand between mine. The first thing I notice is how clammy it is. But beyond that, his knuckles are rough, littered with tiny scars and a few scabs, and his nails are jagged. 

“Your hands are small,” he observes as I line his thumb up with the sensor pad and press down. 

“Maybe yours are abnormally big,” I reply. They are rather large. Like basketball player hands. 

“You know what they say about big hands.” 

I fight not to roll my eyes, but for a brief moment, I wonder if what’s in his pants actually matches the rest of him. And if he’s unkempt everywhere, not just on his face. I cut that visual quickly because it makes me want to gag. “And what do they say?”

His eyes crinkle again, and he slaps his own chest. “Something about big hands, big heart.” 

I bite back my own smile. “Pretty sure you’re mixing that up with cold hands, warm heart.” 

His brow furrows. “There’s a good chance.” 

The elevator doors slide open. He pushes off the wall with some effort and practically tumbles inside. He catches himself on the rail and sags against the wall as I follow him in. I honestly can’t believe I’m doing this right now. 

He doesn’t have to press a button since the elevator only goes to the penthouse floor. As soon as we start moving, he groans and his shoulders curl in. “I don’t feel so good.” 

Please don’t let him be sick in here. If there’s one thing I can’t deal with, it’s vomit. “You should sit.” 

He slides down the wall, massive shoulders rolling forward as he rests his forehead on his knees. “Tomorrow is going to suck.” 

I stay on the other side of the elevator, in case he tosses his cookies. “Probably.” 

It’s the longest elevator ride in the history of the world. Or at least it feels that way, mostly because I’m terrified he’s going to yak. Thankfully, we make it to the penthouse floor incident-free. On the down side, now that he’s in a sitting position, getting him to stand again is a challenge. I have to press the open door button three times before I can finally coax him to his feet. 

In the time between leaving the bar and making it to the penthouse floor, the effects of the alcohol seems to have compounded. He’s beyond sloppy, using the wall and me for support as we make our way to his door. There are two penthouse apartments up here. One on either side of the foyer. 

He leans against the doorjamb, once again fighting to find the coordination to get his thumb to the sensor pad. I don’t ask if he needs my assistance this time since it’s quite clear he does. Once again I take his clammy hand in mine. 

“Your hands are really soft,” he mumbles.


The pad ashes green, and I turn the handle. “Okay, here we go. Home sweet home.”

“This isn’t my home,” he slurs. “My cousin’s family owns this building. I’m crashing here until I can get the fuck out of New York.” 

I scan the penthouse. It an eclectic combination of odd art and modern furniture, like two different tastes crashed together and this is the result. Aside from that, it’s clean to the point of looking almost like a show home. 

The only sign that someone is staying here is the lone coffee cup on the table in the living room and the blanket lolling like a tongue over the edge of the couch. I’m still standing in the doorway while he sways unsteadily. 

He tries to shove his hand in his pants pocket, but all he succeeds in doing is setting himself off-balance. He nearly stumbles into the wall. 

“Thanks for your help,” he says. 

He’s back in his penthouse, which means my job is technically done. However, I’m worried he’s going to hurt himself, or worse, asphyxiate on his own vomit in the middle of the night, and I’ll be the one catching heat if that happens. I’ll also feel bad if something happens to him. I blow out a breath, annoyed that this is how my night is ending. 

I heave his arm over my shoulder and slip mine around his waist again, leading him through the living room toward what seems to be the kitchen. There’s a sheet of paper on the island, but otherwise it’s spotless. 

“What’re you doing?” he asks. 

We pause when we reach the threshold. “Which way is your bedroom?” 

He looks slowly from right to left. “Not that way.” He points to the kitchen. It’s very state of the art. 

I guide him in the opposite direction down the hall, until he stumbles through a doorway, into a large but simply furnished bedroom. Once we reach the edge of the bed, he drops his arm, spins around—it’s drunkenly graceful—and falls back on the bed, arms spread wide as if he’s planning on making snow angels. “The room is spinning.” 

“Would you like me to get you a glass of water and possibly a painkiller for the headache you’ll likely have in the morning?” I’m already heading for the bathroom. 

“Might be a good idea,” he mumbles. 

I find a glass on the edge of bathroom vanity—which is clean, apart from a brand new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. I run the tap, wishing I had a plastic tumbler, because I’m not sure he’s in any state to deal with breakable objects. I check the medicine cabinet, find the pills I need, shake out two tablets, and return to the bedroom. 

He’s right where I left him; sprawled out faceup on a massive king-size bed, legs hanging off the end, one shoe on the floor beside him. I cross over and set the water and the pills on the nightstand. 

I make a quick trip back to the bathroom and grab the empty wastebasket from beside the toilet in case his night is a lot rougher than he expects. 

I tap his knee, crossing my fingers he’ll be easy to rouse. “Hey, I have painkillers for you.” 

He makes a noise, but doesn’t move otherwise. 

I tap his knee again. “Lincoln, you need to wake up long enough to take these.” I cringe. I called him by name, and he didn’t offer it to me while we were down at the bar. Here’s hoping he’s too drunk to notice or remember. His name is Lincoln Moorehead, heir to the Moorehead Media fortune and all the crap that comes with it. And there’s a lot of it. 

One eye becomes a slit. “Every time I open my eyes, the room starts spinning again.” 

“If you drink this and take these, it might help.” I hold up the glass of water and the pills. 

“’Kay.” It takes three tries for him to sit up. He tries to pick the pills up out of my palm, but keeps missing my hand. 

“Just open your mouth.” 

He lifts his head. “How do I know you’re not trying to roofie me?” 

I hold up the tablet in front of his face. “They don’t say roofie, so you’re safe.” 

He tries to focus on the pill and then my face. I have my doubts he’s successful at either. 

His tongue peeks out to drag across his bottom lip. “The cameras in the hall will catch you if you steal my wallet.” 

I laugh at that. “I’m not going to steal your wallet, I’m going to put you to bed.” 

“Hmm.” He nods slowly and opens his mouth. 

I drop the pills on his tongue and hand him the glass, which he drains in three long swallows. “Would you like me to refill that?” 

“That’d be nice.” He holds out the glass, but when I try to pull away, he covers my hands with his. His shockingly blue eyes meet mine, and for a moment they’re clear and compelling. Despite how out of it he is, and how much he resembles a mountain man, or maybe because of it, I have a hard time looking away. “I really wish I wasn’t this messed up. You smell nice. I bet your hair is pretty when it’s not pulled up like that.” He flops a hand toward my bun. “Not that it’s not pretty like that, but I bet if you took it down, it would be wavy and soft. The kind of hair you want to bury your face in and run your fingers through.” He exhales a long breath. “I haven’t had sex in a really long time, but I feel like I would have zero finesse if I tried right now.” 

I smile and turn away. In the time it takes for me to refill his glass, he’s managed to get one arm out of his suit jacket. He’s made it most of the way onto the bed, feet still hanging off the end, but he’s on his back, which is not ideal. 

I set the glass on his nightstand, along with a second set of painkillers, which I’m assuming he’ll need in the morning, and give him another nudge. “Hey.” 

This time I get nothing in the way of a response. I poke him twice more, but still nothing. He can’t sleep on his back with how drunk he is. He needs to be on his side or his stomach with a wastebasket close by. 

I can’t in good conscience leave him like this. My options are limited. I shake my head as I kick off my shoes and climb up onto the bed with him. This is not at all what I expected to be doing when I brought him back up here. 

I stare down at his sleeping form. His lips are parted, they’re nice lips, full and plump, even though they’re mostly obscured by his overgrown beard. His hair has started to unravel from its man bun, wisps hanging in his face. He has long lashes, really long actually, and they’re thick and dark, the kind women pay a lot of money for. His nose is straight and his cheekbones— what I can see of them—are high. With a haircut, a beard trim or complete shave, and a new suit that actually fits, I can imagine how refined he’ll look. More like a Moorehead than a mountain man lumberjack. I shake my head. “I need you to roll onto your side, please,” I say loudly. 

Nothing. Not even a grunt. 

I pull on his shoulder, but he’s dead weight. Leaning over him, I make a fist and give him a light jab approximately where his kidney is. “Lincoln, roll over.” 

And roll he does, knocking me down and turning over so he’s right on top of me. We’re face-to-face. Good God, he’s heavy. His bones must be made of lead. He shifts, one leg coming over both of mine. I push at his knee, but his arm swings out and he wraps himself around me on a low groan, pinning my arm to my side. He’s like a giant human blanket. 

“How did this become my life?” I say to the ceiling, because the man lying on top of me is apparently out cold. 

I try to wriggle free, I even yell his name a bunch of time before I give up and wait for him to roll off me. And while I wait for that to happen, I replay the conversation with his mother, Gwendolyn Moorehead, that took place forty-eight hours ago and put me in this awkward position underneath her drunk son. 

I’d been standing in Fredrick’s office, still digesting the fact that he was dead. It was shocking that a massive heart attack had taken him, since he was always so healthy and full of life. 

Gwendolyn, his wife—now a widow—stood stoic behind his desk, papers stacked neatly in the center. 

“I’m so very for your loss, Gwendolyn. If there’s anything I can do. Whatever you need.” The words poured out, typical condolences, but sincerely meant because I couldn’t imagine how my mother and I would feel if we lost my father. 

Gwendolyn’s fingers danced at her throat as she cleared it. “Thank you,” she whispered brokenly and dabbed at her eyes. “I appreciate your kindness, Wren.” 

“Let me know what you want me to handle, and I’ll take care of it.” 

She took a deep breath, composing herself before she lifted her gaze to mine. “I need your help.” 

“Of course, what can I do?” 

“My oldest son, Lincoln, will be returning to New York for the funeral, and he’ll be staying to help run the company.” 

A hot feeling crept up my spine. I’d heard very little about Lincoln. Everything from Armstrong’s mouth was scathing, Fredrick’s passing references had been with fondness, and my interactions with Gwendolyn had been minimal as it was Fredrick himself who hired me, so this was first I’ve heard of Lincoln through her. “I see. And how can I help with that?” I could only imagine how difficult Armstrong would be if he had to share the attention with someone else, particularly his brother. 

“Transitioning Lincoln.” Gwendolyn rounded her desk. “You’ve managed to turn around Armstrong’s reputation in the media during the time you’ve been here. I know it hasn’t been easy, and Armstrong can be difficult to manage.” 

Difficult to manage is the understatement of the entire century where Armstrong is concerned. He’s a cocksucker of epic proportions. He’s also a misogynistic, narcissistic bastard that I’ve had to deal with for the past eight months on a nearly daily basis—sometimes even on weekends. 

My job as his “handler” has been to reshape his horrendous reputation after his involvement in several scandalous events became very public. It wasn’t a job I necessarily wanted, and I was prepared to politely reject the offer, but my mother asked me to take the position as a favor to her since she’s a friend of Gwendolyn. 

Beyond that, my relationship with my mother has been strained for the past decade. When I was a teenager, I discovered information that changed our relationship forever. Taking the job at Moorehead was in part, my way of trying to help repair our fractured bond. The financial compensation, which was ridiculously high, also didn’t hurt. Besides, Gwendolyn is on nearly every single charitable foundation committee in the city, and since that’s where my interests lie, it seemed like a smart career move. 

“Since you’re already working with Armstrong and things seem to be settled there for the most part, I felt it would make sense to keep you on here at Moorehead to work with Lincoln. He’s been away from civilized society for several years. He’s nothing like his brother, very altruistic and focused on his job, rather than recreational pursuits, so he should be easier to manage.” 

I fought a scoff at the last bit, since “recreational pursuits” was a reference to the fact that Armstrong couldn’t seem to keep his pants zipped when it came to women.

Gwendolyn pushed a set of papers toward me. “It would only be for another six months. And of course, your salary would reflect the double work load, since you’ll still have to maintain Armstrong in some capacity while you assist Lincoln in transitioning into his role here.” 

“I’m sorry, what—” 

Gwendolyn pulled me into an awkward hug, holding onto my shoulders when she stepped back. Her eyes were glassy and red-rimmed. “You have no idea how much I appreciate your willingness to take this on. As soon as your contract is fulfilled, you have my word that I’ll give you a glowing recommendation to whichever organization you’d like. Your mother told me you’re interested in starting your own foundation. I’ll certainly help you in any way I’m able if you’ll stay on a little longer for me.” She dabbed at her corner of her eyes and sniffed, then tapped the papers on the desk. “I already have an agreement ready and an NDA, of course. Everything is tabbed for signing.” 

I’m pulled back into the present when Lincoln shifts and one of his huge hands slides up my side and lands on my breast. At the same time, he pushes his nose against my neck, beard tickling my collarbone. He mutters something unintelligible against my skin. 

I’m momentarily frozen in shock. Under any other circumstances, I would knee him in the balls. However, he’s not conscious or even semi-aware that he’s fondling me. Thankfully, now that he’s moved, I have some wiggle room. 

I elbow him in the ribs, which probably hurts me more than it does him. At least it gets him to move away enough that I can slip out from under him. I roll off the bed and pop back up, smoothing out my now-wrinkled dress. My stupid nipples are perky, thanks to the attention the right one just got. Probably because it’s the most action I’ve seen since I started working for the Mooreheads eight months ago. 

I hit the lights on the way out of the bedroom, pause in the kitchen to grab a glass of water and check out the sheet of paper on the counter. It’s a list of important details regarding the penthouse, including the entry code. I nab my purse, snap a pic, and head for the elevators. 

I have a feeling this is going to be a long six months.

From Handle With Care. Copyright © 2019 by Helena Hunting and reprinted with

permission from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.



Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting

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Mid Pride Month Update

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We’re June the 16th, so the first day of the second half of Pride Month! So I thought I’d update you on how I’m managing my Pride Month tbr. Here’s a link to my post about what I had planned to read.

So I was actually doing pretty well until Tuesday June 11th since I had read seven books but I’ve had to work since then, didn’t sleep much and started watching The Office so I only read one book since. Which means I’m two books behind… So it means this will be a short post because I have to get back to reading!

  • These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling

Lesbian main character, only point of view.

I listened to this one on Audible and I really loved it. I had to put it down at some point and it was so very hard. The characters were layered and interesting, the intrigue and the twists kept me on my toes. I did guess a couple things beforehand but I was never completely certain and when they ended up being confirmed it made me feel smart for a while. The romance was on point and I enjoyed it so much. I cannot wait for book two.

  • Clean by Juno Dawson

I trusted GoodReads shelves on this one. It had been shelved as LGBT+ by several people. However, the main character, the only point of view was straight… And I was very disappointed, especially since it was only the second book I read for my Pride Month tbr.

Anyway, the book was still pretty great. The characters were interesting and the setting was original. I didn’t have much in common with the main character but I still found myself connecting with her and her pain. It was a very captivating read.

  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Gay main character, only point of view.

I expected a lot from this since so many people raved about it on GoodReads. As much as I did like it, I was a little disappointed. I actually read 40% on the paperback then listened to the rest. I did enjoy the story and the twists and turns but Monty was very annoying for a while and I had some trouble connecting with him. my favorite character was, without a doubt, Felicity but when listening to the audiobook, the narrator gave her a very annoying voice and that put me off for a little while. Still, this was a good ride and I want to read book 2 so bad since it’s in Felicity’s point of view.

  • The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan

Lesbian main character, only point of view.

This one. It’s my coup de cœur so far this month. It was very hard to read at times, I cried, yelled, raged but damn it was incredible. I won’t tell you too much but damn, if you haven’t read it, do it now.

  • More Than This by Patrick Ness

Gay main character, only point of view.

I’ve read three or four books by Patrick Ness and I expected a lot from this one and I ended up being disappointed. I listened to the audiobook and it just didn’t keep my attention, I found slow and too contemplative for my liking. I didn’t really like the main character but I still understand why people love this book. I guess it just wasn’t for me…

  • Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jay Robin Brown

Lesbian main character, only point of view.

Hard to read at first, I was pretty angry at the situation but soon it became sweet and even though I could see the crash coming, I could still enjoy the moments and it made me feel quite a lot, the characters were very interesting. It was a very nice read.

  • Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

Entire queer cast, both points of view are queer (gay and bi/pan).

I mostly listened to this, though I read the last chapters on my physical copy. I enjoyed it. It was different from anything I’ve read before, in a good way. the characters were all very interesting. I raged, swooned and just felt everything. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I’m still mad about a couple things but I cannot wait for book 2.

  • Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee

This wasn’t on my tbr post because it wasn’t the one I planned to read there but I heard about it a long time ago and I’ve wanted to read it since. When I saw it was available to read for free on the Riveted website until June 30, I had to jump on the occasion.

Asexual heteroromantic main character, only point of view.

I had some trouble getting into the story, mostly because I was exhausted and obsessed with The Office which took time from my reading but once I got into the story I couldn’t put it down, read 80% in one afternoon. I loved that the main character was making a webseries, it almost made me regret not staying in the audiovisual arts since I finished cinema school. Anyway, the characters were interesting, the intrigue was on point and I  ended up really enjoying this book.

That was longer than I planned and I’m leaving now because I have to bake brownies and keep reading!

Have you read some of those books? Do you agree with my opinion? Are you reading LGBT+ books for Pride Month? Which ones?

See you soon!


ARC Review of Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout


As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to be selected in one of my favorite authors Review Team last year and I got this book early thanks to that. I absolutely loved it.



Trinity has been raised in a Warden community where she has to be protected at all costs. She has been there for ten years now and is growing a bit restless. Thankfully, she has her friends Misha and Jara who try to keep her in check. When a convoy arrives from the city, she can’t help but spy on the meeting and gets caught by Zayne, one of the visiting Wardens. Zayne is immediately curious since he’s told she’s a simple human living among Wardens, who are shape-shifting gargoyles btw. Trinity immediately finds him as attractive as he is annoying and the two of them keep getting tangled up for some reason, which infuriates her even more. But that’s only the beginning of her problems.

For those who don’t know, this is the first book of the spinoff series of The Dark Elements series. I have loved that series with all my heart, I even read the first book 4 times, but hadn’t read them again since the last book of the series came out back in July 2015 and I hadn’t realized just how much I had missed this world.
This was made perfectly clear to me as I read the first chapter of this book. I found myself thrown back into this complex, captivating world of gargoyles, demons, witches, ghosts and humans and I could not stop reading. I fell completely into the story, thanks to the world, yes, but also thanks to Trinity the main character. It was love at the very first chapter. I loved how layered she was. She had a certain strength that was captivating but also a lot of flaws that made her relatable despite her living situations and her not being fully human. I also loved how JLA made us see what she saw through Trinity’s character, how she included her own degenerative disease in such a powerful way.
I’m not gonna lie, Zayne was not a favorite character of mine in the Dark Elements series but here, he was on point. He still drove me crazy at times, irritated the hell out of me, but then again trinity felt the same way. Their relationship sucked me in from beginning to end and I just wanted more the entire time. I couldn’t get enough of their banter and sexual tension.
As always, in JLA’s books, I loved the references to Supernatural and other pop culture TV shows or movies I love. I also loved the dynamics between Trinity and her friends, especially Peanut and Jada but also her substitute dads who were pretty great. My very favorite characters will always be Roth and Layla though, which reminds me that I loved all the cameos from important characters in the other series.
The plot was perfection too. I was sucked in and all of it was so perfectly paced. I actually started reading it a little after midnight and I kept on reading without taking any breaks until 5.30am or so. When I picked it up again, I read it straight through until I finished it, the same day I started it. I just could not get enough and I cannot wait for book 2.


That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed this review and that it made you want to pick up this great book!


Pride Month TBR

Hey there,

It’s been a while, I’ve been busy reading, applying and whatnot… Anyway, I wanted to do something a bit different this time and since Pride Month is starting just tomorrow, I wanted to share the books I plan to read for it.

I’ve actually decided to read only LGBT+ books this month. To me, a LGBT+ book is a book where at least one of the points of view is LGBT+. I picked 20, because I’d rather plan too many than too few. Without further ado, the book list, in order, complete with Goodreads links and a few sentences on why I picked each book, what I already know about them. Also, I usually try to alternate contemporary with sci-fi/fantasy books, so that’s what I did here.


I’ve been waiting for this book to come out since what feels what forever. I recently preordered the audiobook and I can’t wait to dive in.

I’ve met Juno a couple times now and she’s always captivating and funny and I own so many of her books but only read a few. This one is so shiny and beautiful, I had to read it this month.

I’ve heard so many great things about this, but I never had the courage to dive into it somehow. Seems like Pride month is the best opportunity to finally read it.

This has been on my nightstand for weeks. I can’t wait to start it.

I’ve read most of Patrick Ness’s standalone books. Haven’t read this one yet though and a friend of mine kept raving on about it so I thought it was time.

A long time ago, I heard this one of the great f/f books. I still haven’t gotten to reading it though…

I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for months. I actually got an exclusive copy from Illumicrate. I seriously can’t wait to read it.

Heard a lot about this one from a friend. Also, I got a free copy back in October and another friend wants to Buddy-Read, so here it is.

Got this one for my birthday. It sounds amazing, the cover looks amazing and I heard great things too.

I’ve been harassed by a friend to read all things Cat Clarke, to be honest, she didn’t need to pressure me too much, I want to read them all, starting with this one.

I got an ARC through NetGalley and I thought reading a non-fiction this month sounded like a good plan…

I met Madeline Miller a little under two months ago and she was amazing. That’s also around the time I finished reading Circe, her second book, which was great. I heard amazing things about this one and my queen, Victoria Schwab, actually mentioned it as one of her favorite LGBT+ books when I asked her on Twitter last year. This has been a long time coming.

I loved Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde and I knew I had to read one of her other books. This one called to me.

I’ve owned the Kindle of this book for a while, before I even knew it was LGBT+ and it sounds really great. I actually already book the paperback of Book 2.

I’ve read a lot of books by Christina Lauren but not this one yet. It’s about time. (Especially since I’ve been harassed by that same friend.)

Another friend has been posting about this book a lot, for a long time since she actually got an ARC. Since I trust her judgement, I’ve been waiting to read this for a while now.

I’ve owned this one for a while and it always appealed to me. can’t wait to be a Cat Clarke fan.

Pirates and f/f… What more does the world need?

I feel like I’ve been a fan of Adam Silvera for years without having read any of his books… I’ve read What If It’s Us by him and Becky Albertalli right when it came out and just read They Both Die at the End this month. I seriously can’t wait to read his other books, starting with this one.

The friend I’ve mentioned most got me this for my birthday, back in January. It’s about time I started reading it.


And that’s twenty!

What are you planning to read for Pride Month? Does any of those sound good to you? Have you already read some of those? Lemme know in the comments!



March Reads

Hey there!

I haven’t posted in a while and didn’t write a February recap. I’ve been traveling and got lazy but I’ll probably do it sometimes this month. ANYWAY. I read 18 books last month which sounds like a lot but, somehow, it felt like a slow reading month. I guess I read lots of comics. So, out of these 18 books, I rated six 5 Stars, two 4.5 Stars, two 4.25 Stars, three 4 stars and five under 4 Stars. As usual, I will only write about the books I rated more than 4 Stars. So, without further ado, the books.

New Project

4.25 Stars

  • Waves by Ingrid Chabbert – Illustrations: Carole Maurel

Waves told the story of a woman who has been trying to get pregnant for a long time, but when she does succeed, she loses it. It’s a story about grief and how to keep going when you feel like a part of you was taken away.

This was beautiful. From the story to the message to the art. The only thing that was missing was how short it was. I felt like there could have been more depth and I would have been able to connect to the characters even more had this been longer. Still, everything about this was really good and I couldn’t recommend it more.

  • Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

Every Heart the Doorway tells the story of Nancy. Nancy went through a Door and spent time in another world but now she’s back but all she wants is to go back there. Her parents don’t get her and so she is sent to a boarding school where Eleanor, the director take in other kids who have gone through Doors and wish to go back. It’s supposed to be their safe heaven, a place where they can learn to let go of the past, except that when Nancy shows up, kids start being murdered.

I loved the intrigue, I was swept up from beginning to end. I also loved this cast of characters, they were all so layered and it didn’t hurt that the cast was so very diverse too. I really liked the whole setting too, it was gloomy but in the best way. I actually listened to the audiobook and really liked the narrator’s performance. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series.

4.5 Stars

  • Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

Enne has never set foot in New Reynes, the City of Sin, before today. But she has no choice, that’s where her mother, Lourdes, is and she hasn’t received news from her in a while. She’s worried and will do all she has to so that she can find her. And the first thing she has to do is find Levi Glaisyer and get him to help her. But that’s only the beginning and life in New Reynes turns out to be a lot more complicated that she thought it would be.

It actually took me some time to get into this story. I wasn’t sure about any of it at first. But I persevered and I’m very glad I did. I ended up completely falling for the two main characters and their friends. I found them layered and so very interesting. Once again, the diverse cast was very much appreciated. Moreover, I didn’t see most of the twists coming and I just couldn’t help but scream at my book at times. I can’t wait for its sequel.

  • Color Outside the Lines by Various – Edited by Sangu Mandanna 

Color Outside the Lines is an anthology of short stories “exploring the complexity and beauty of interracial and LGBTQ+ relationships where differences are front and center”. The anthology will contain 16 stories, but my review copy only had 14 since this comes out in November. When I rated each story one by one, it gave me an average 4.35 rating which I happily rounded up since I just love the concept of this book and definitely think it’s an important one too. I really liked most of the story, they were all so different and interesting. They weren’t two stories that were alike and I just found this anthology to be so captivating and all around amazing.


  • Internment by Samira Ahmed

Set “15 minutes into the future,” Internment focuses on Layla’s story. Layla is seventeen, she has a boyfriend and used to look forward to prom and college. But not anymore. It started with her being pulled out of school, then a curfew, her boyfriend’s parents forbidding him seing her, and then, white people show up at her door late at night and take her and her parents away, telling them they have ten minutes to pack and that’s it. They end up branded, in a camp. Why?, you ask. Because they signed a form saying they were Muslims. So they end up in a camp with other Muslims and things actually go down from there.

Passionate and powerful, Internment shows us what the world could become, is in the verge of becoming. The plot was deeply engaging and I was often enraged. I laughed at times, cried some and yelled in anger a little bit too. The story sucked me in from the first chapter to the last, I was captivated through all the twists and turns. The characters were layered and so very interesting. I loved them all. Layla was the most interesting since she was the one we got the most information on but I also loved her friend, Ayesha and all the other secondary characters. The dynamics between the characters were very interesting too, and perfectly written. But the most engaging and captivating part, to me, was this world and how it was inspired by both current events and all the horrible things that happened during WW2.

This book is not only a powerful story, it’s a warning. I truly think this could happen if Donald Trump was more smart evil than dumb evil. And in a way, it is happening with the detention camps for migrants. And we must do what this book, what Layla, teaches us. Resist.

  • Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue transports us to the United States we wished we had. See, our main characters is Alex Claremont-Diaz and he is the son of the president of the United States. Yes, his mother was elected in 2016, so our Alex lives in the White House and dreams of politics and so much more. But when his sworn enemy, Henry, taunts him at the Royal wedding on the other side of the Atlantic, he messes up and has to fake a friendship with him. By the way, his sworn enemy, Henry, is one of the Royal princes and he is so irritating with his perfect hair and perfect manners, Alex doesn’t know how he’s going to manage spending time with him.

More than a romance, this was a story about friendship, family, acceptance, politics… It had a little of everything and that’s what made it so incredibly special. I usually have trouble when books have chapters this long, but here nothing could stop me, I flew through it, stayed up most of the night to read and loved it so much. The characters were flawed, layered and just so related somehow, despite being a prince and the first son of the USA. I found the family drama and politics just as interesting as the romance between our two boys and I just can’t stress enough how great this book is. I simply loved it and cannot wait to have a physical copy so that I can read it again and again.

  • Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Where to start? I started reading the Heartstopper webcomic last march and I’ve loved every second of it. I just love Alice’s art and Nick & Charlie are my precious children. Reading about them on paper felt amazing and I loved everything about it. I just loved it so much and am so proud of the author. It’s just amazing and I cannot wait for Volume 2. I think this book is about to become my feel good book, to make me smile every time I’m feeling low. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this book, the characters are amazing, just so incredibly layered, the pacing is perfect and the romance and friendships are gold. If you haven’t read it, do it now.

  • The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

I’m not gonna lie, this is a monster of a book, it’s so huge, I almost sprained my wrist carrying it around in the bookstore, it really weights a ton. And it is a good as it is heavy. And I’m not even talking about the magnificent cover, though it is worth mentioning, I’m talking about the world Samantha Shannon created. I don’t want to summarize it because I jumped in not knowing what to expect except a feminist fantasy with a f/f relationship. That’s all I knew and that was really it. Our characters are diverse, layered, deeply flawed and so very interesting. I loved most of them, hated others, they all just made me feel so much. I found the politics and the world(s) captivating too and once I started really getting into the story, I couldn’t stop reading. And despite being a huge book, it’s actually only 800 pages long, which is shorter than HP5, Kingdom of Ash (TOG7), Queen of Air and Darkness (TDA3), Outlander, any ASoIaF book and even Winter by Marissa Meyer. So my point is, this book can be read, it’s not that long and it definitely deserves to because it’s amazing. Plus, dragons, lots of dragons and from the very first chapter too.

  • A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven

In A Girl Called Shameless, we catch up with Izzy O’Neill, our main character from The Exact Opposite of Okay. She’s doing somewhat better but is still reeling from the scandal that happened when a couple of private pictures she had sent to a senator’s son got leaked. Especially when another girl is targeted by her peers after a video of her is leaked. They decide enough is enough, it’s time to fight back.

I love this series. It’s raw and real. The humor is so perfect, the main character is so very flawed in the best possible way, I related to her on many occasions. This book is the perfect sequel in a sense that when I finished The Exact Opposite of Okay, I didn’t think it needed anything more but after having read A Girl Called Shameless, I realized how wring I was. This completed Izzy’s journey perfectly, so much so that it feels so very natural and almost not like a sequel at all but just the second part of a story. I feel like I’m not expressing myself clearly but all I have to add is that it’s a feminist YA must read; if you’re a feminist, no matter your age actually, you should read this and if you’re not, you really have to read this.

  • Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

And last, but not least, this graphic novel about a shapeshifter and her evil friend/”boss”. I don’t want to say too much about this actually. I read it just because I had heard vague but very positive things about it and I just jumped in. I’m very glad I did.

I had an amazing time reading this. It’s hilarious and deep and simply great. It carried away to another world, another time and I had so much fun. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down, I almost missed a couple subway stations because of it. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say except that you should definitely read it as soon as you can.

Well! That’s it for now. I should be back soon to finally write my February recap!

Have you read many books in March? Did you enjoy them?

Until next time,


Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam


Surprise, Baby! told the story of Drew and Kendall. Both their best friend are now married but they still can’t stand each other. Or can they? When they end up stranded in a cabin, Kendall realizes Drew actually changed and one thing leads to another… But can she trust him after everything? Who is the real Drew?

This book sucked me in from the first chapter. I was enthralled by this story and its characters. I found them layered and very interesting. I really liked Kendall. The secondary characters were pretty awesome too and I want more of them.
The main relationship was sizzling and captivating. I just had a bit of trouble with a major trope that I can’t mention without spoiling.
Still, this was perfectly paced and once I started reading it, I just couldn’t stop.
These authors can really make me feel a lot and their characters are simply great.
I can’t wait to read more of their books.


That’s it for now. Also, I’m very late for my monthly post but life and travels have been getting in the way and I’ll be posting it as soon as I feel up to it!